Fertilizing Services

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Lawn Care  5-step Fertilizing Program

Early Spring Treatment
First treatment –  we apply a  blended fertilizer that will help make the lawn greener and healthier.  This helps with new plant and root growth.  The treatment is a slow release, granular fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent  and iron.  We will also treat any broadleaf weeds as needed.

Late Spring and Early Summer Treatment
Second treatment – This treatment will rid your lawn of broadleaf weeds (dandelions), and also  give nutrients to the lawn.  The granular fertilizer is a slow release,  that has iron, to help give great color and growth.

Middle of Summer Treatment
Third treatment –  A slow release fertilizer to help feed the lawn over the hot summer months, and continue to give color, and root growth, over the summer.  We also treat any broadleaf weeds, where needed.

Late Summer and Early Fall Treatment
Fourth treatment – A granular fertilizer that will help keep your lawn healthy, and green over the hottests months of the summer.   This treatment also has a weed control in it.

Late Fall and Winterizer Treatment
Fifth treatment – A time release fertilizer that will help get your lawn ready for the tough MN winters.  This treatments promotes deep root growth before winter and will help the lawn be greener in the early spring.  We also will treat any weeds as needed.

On Every Application your lawn will be treated for weeds as needed, and look for any disease, and or insect problems that may occur.  We will always bring these areas that need attention to the owner or property management.
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