Snow & Lawn Services

OTB Lawn Care, Landscaping & Snow Removal
Call or email for a free bid on all lawn care, landscaping & snow services. OTB has over 15 years experience doing  residential and commercial snow and lawn services.

Per time & contract services available.

Executive plans - Let on the ball handle all your outdoor year round needs for one low monthly payment.

Fertilizing ( 5 step granular slow release fertilizer )

Lawn Care – Contract or per time mowing

Core aeration – A physical process that helps reduce top soil compaction which will improve root development allowing soil to easily uptake water and nutrients.

Overseeding – A process where premium grass seed is spread evenly over the lawn, which will allow new germination, and will help promote thickness of turf.  (Best result after core aeration)

Dethatching – Gets rid of dead matted grass so healthy grass can grow up faster.

Spring clean up - Dethatching included.
Fall cleanups
Pruning services
Sprinkler system – Repairs, start ups and blowouts.
Snow removal - Contracts and per time.  Shoveling,  plowing, salting, and sanding services available.

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